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Fixing Digital Camera Files


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Memory Cards Part 1: The Best way to Use Memory Cards to Avoid Lost Images

Memory Cards Part 2: Lost Photos

Mt. Rainier National Park

Olympic National Park

Mayan Ruins at Altun Ha, Belize

Harold Merklinger on Depth of Field

Ansel Adams on Love, Friendship and Art

Converting Color to Black and White with Channel Mixer

Pika on the Tundra

Portraits: Switching from Film to Digital

Optimizing Digital Camera Files

Doctor's Office Portrait

Upper Tahquamenon Falls in winter

AutoStitch - free panorma stitching software

Canon 5D Camera Settings:
       Menu Settings
Custom Functions
Top Deck Controls

My 2006 Nature Calendar is ready to order.

Digital Image Storage

Image Editing Software

Tripods and Heads

Magic Digital Eraser

Canon 20D Color Infrared Photography

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens

Infrared Photography with the Canon 20D and 10D

Canon 20D vs 5D A first look

Fall River Road Panorama

Trusted Sources for Photo Equipment Information

Focal Length and Lenses with illustrations

Will all set for the prom - taking quick portraits

What is Gray Market Photo Equipment?

Canon 20D Camera Settings:
Menu Settings
Custom Functions
Top Deck Controls

Canon Rebates April 15 to July 15, 2005

Field of View (FOV) Crop in Digital SLRs

Depth of Field for Digital SLRs

Hyperfocal Distance Chart for Digital SLRs

Digital SLRs Compared

Archival Printers from Epson and Hewlett-Packard

Epson 2200 Ink Usage - Revised and Updated

Our grandson Ryan has arrived

Canon 10D Camera Settings:
Menu Settings
Custom Functions
Top Deck Controls

Canon Digital Rebel XT

Blog Articles links to some of my blog articles

Imagematics Software creating flash files for the web or digital slide shows

Packing Light for Tahiti - living with the new
airline travel restrictions

Canon 10D vs 20D digital SLRs

Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 and Premiere Elements

Ohio Wheat Harvest

Thorne Swift Nature Preserve in Northern Michigan

Approaching Wildlife Denali Caribou

Digital Memory Cards How many do you need?

Marmalade Fly Using the Canon 1X-5X macro lens

Neat Image A digital noise filter and film grain minimizer

Swiff Player A reviews of this full screen Flash movie file player

Drew's First Birthday Slide Show

Nature Movie 1 The first in a new series

Drew Slide Show 1

Planning Ahead to Erase and Combine Images

Choosing a Digital Camera - a major update

Combining Images - putting a person in a different background

Eye Closeup with ring flash and macro lens

Canon G3 vs G5 - a suggestion

Backlit Sunflower - a photo technique

10,000 Photos - Avoiding Digital Glut

Wedding Photo Compensation with the Canon 10D

Ziploc Bags

Greenville, Michigan - wildflowers and lakes

Ash Cave in Ohio's Hocking Hills

Drew 2 - Our grandson Drew has finally arrived in the United States

Canon G3 Waterfall - a look at the capabilities of this fine camera

Places to Take Photos in Colorado

Digital Dangers - Lost Files

Choosing Digital Cameras, Part 2 has been updated

A Digital Advantage Part 2: A Day in Church

Canon 10D Part 2

Saving Digital Photo Files

Barry Arm Prince Wiliam Sound, Alaska

A Digital Advantage A photo observation from a morning at church

Check Your Monitor Check color, brightness and contrast

Drew Arrives   Our first grandchild

Class Handouts A complete set of handouts from my photo classes at the KIA is now available for purchase.

Storing Files on CD-R Discs - An updated article

Epson 2200 Ink Usage How much ink and cost per print

Choosing a Digital Camera - Part Two   What to learn, what to get, and where to go.

Fixing Digital Camera Files How to make your camera files more like the scene you saw.

Raw vs Jpeg Camera Files Which should you choose?

Jpeg Camera Settings How should you set your camera?

Digital Color Correction

General photography book recommendations

Nature photography book recommendations

Digital Color Correction

December 4, 2001
Updated Sept 3, 2009


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