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Imagematics Software
Review by Jim Doty, Jr.

I have been a big fan of Imagematics software for some time now.  This won't be a detailed review since you can read the details about the products at the Imagematics website (link below).  My endorsement is very simple. It is my favorite software for creating "movies" from still pictures and slide shows for the internet. I can use the Imagematics software to do full screen slide shows. I also use Swiff Player (a free download) to present flash (swf) shows as live, digital, full-screen movies and slide shows. All of the Imagematics software allows the use of soundtracks.

PE (Personal Edition) allows you to create slide shows which include your choice of several transitions between slides, plus pan and zoom effects. You can vary the length of each transition and how long each slide is displayed. It is very easy and fast to creat a show from a folder of images. Buttons allow you to quickly choose a transition for each slide, or you can quickly choose the same transition for every slide. I have created slide shows before a live audience by turning a folder of images into a live slide show in less than 2 minutes.You can add a soundtrack, as you can with all Imagematics software. You can output the show in several sizes, with different backgrounds and/or borders. Creating flash files for the internet is a whiz.

WD (Web Designer) takes all of the features of PE and adds the use of web link, interactive content and other web-valuable featrues.

SMC (Still Motion Creator) is remarkable software that allows all of the "Ken Burns" pan, zoom, and rotate effects. SMC is PE taken to the ultimate. To use the software, open an image and draw a square anythwere in the image you want the pan or zoom to begin. Then draw a second box where you want the pan or zoom to end. Use the time line to set the length of the pan/zoom effect. The time line is also where you set the length of transitions between images, how long an image is shown, and where you add sountracks. Check out both SMC movies below.

The software begins at around $50 for PE (less if there is a special going on).

A few slides shows and movies I have created with Imagematics software are below. I did not create a soundtrack for the PE shows but the software allows you to do that.

Nature Movie 1 - created with SMC

Kirtland Movie - created with SMC

Drew Slide Show 1 - created with PE

Drew's First Birthday - created with PE

Go to the Imagematics website
(and tell them I sent you)

December 15, 2004

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