Photography by Jim Doty

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Ash Cave is in the Hocking Hills in southern Hocking County, Ohio.  The mouth of this recess cave is 700 feet across, making it the largest recess cave in Ohio. The waterfall at one end of the cave lip drops over 90 feet to the cave floor.

The view to the right is from farther back in the cave with a 17m lens (film equivalent of 27mm). Exposure was 8 seconds at f/11..

Some clouds were forming, so I waited for a cloud to cover the sun to soften the light and tame the contrast. I also moved to the opposite end of the cave for a different angle of view. This is looking back toward where I took the photo above and at the top of the page.

I arrived late in the evening at Ash Cave. It was much darker than it looks in this photo. The exposure was 4 seconds at f/11 to record the light on a rainy, foggy evening. The view was stunning. The camera was a Canon 10D digital camera. The lens focal length was 28mm (a 35mm film equivalent of about 45mm).

I returned several days later to see what the cave looks like in the daytime. It actually looked better when we were there in late evening light. The sun and shade made for too much contrast with blown out highlights where the sun hit the cave floor.

As I left, I photographed some people standing at the top of the falls.

The sun came out so I moved directly behind the waterfall to catch the sunlight on some water away from the main flow of the waterfall.

Larger versions of photos 1 and 2
Larger versions of photos 4 and 5

A photo of Ash Cave
taken with a Canon G3

July 26, 2003

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