Photography by Jim Doty

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Greenville, Michigan

It began with a phone call from a friend that the Michigan Lily was beginning to bloom along the path that runs through Greenville, Michigan.

The part of the trail we wanted was south of town and west of highway 91.  This part of the trail has decking across a tangled area of semi-wetlands. That is where the lilies were reported. We made our way in an westerly direction after we crossed the highway, and there they were, just beginning to bloom.

After photographing the lilies, we made our way west where the trail becomes asphalt and wanders through the woods. We were caught in a downpour and we made our way in the heavy rain for the mile plus distance back to the car.

When the rain had subsided, we drove to some lakes on the southwest side of town. There was just enough rain to capture the drops splashing on the surface of one of the lakes.  Swamp milkweed was growing along one of the lakes and there were some nice tree reflections.

If you live near, Greenville, the trail through town provides a variety of wildflowers from spring through fall.

July 26, 2003

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