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Harold Merklinger
on Depth of Field

If you arrived at this page by a direct link, it will be helpful for background information if you read my article, More on Depth of Field, before reading the Merklinger articles. For more information, read my article on Depth of Field using hyperfocal distance charts.

These articles appeared in Shutterbug magazine and provide a different take on depth of field from the approach taken in  hyperfocal distance charts. Click on the links to download the pdf files. This is essential reading if making the most of depth of field is important to you.

These articles are copyrighted by Harold M. Merklinger. They are for personal or not-for-profit use with an appropriate copyright reference to Harold Merklinger. They are not for commercial use and are not to be sold in print, on the web, or any other form of media.

Adjusting Depth of Field

Adjusting Depth of Field - Part II

Adjusting Depth of Field - Part III

Adjusting Depth of Field - Part IV


You can also check out Merklinger's technical books on photography and a lot more of his articles.

September 11, 2006
Updated Nov 13, 2010

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