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Morgan Wedding 2

Introduction to Digital Photography

A Digital Advantage Part 1
A Digital Advantage Part 2: A Day in Church

Digital Workflow - The first two articles in a new

   Memory Cards Part 1: The Best way to Use Memory Card
           to Avoid Lost Images

     Memory Cards Part 2: Lost Photos

Digital Cameras
Choosing a Digital Camera - Part One
Choosing a Digital Camera - Part Two

   Digital SLRs Compared

   Canon 10D vs 20D

   Canon 10D DSLR compared to the D60
Canon 10D Part 2   A hands-on look

   Canon 10D Camera Settings:
Menu Settings
Custom Functions
Top Deck Controls

     Canon 20D Camera Settings:
       Menu Settings
Custom Functions
Top Deck Controls

     Canon 5D Camera Settings:
       Menu Settings
Custom Functions
Top Deck Controls

       Canon 20D vs 5D

   Canon G3 Waterfall - a look at the
         capabilities of this fine camera

   Canon G3 vs G5 - a suggestion

   Canon Digital Rebel XT

Using Digital Cameras
     Raw vs Jpeg Files
       The RAW versus Jpeg Exposure Advantage
Jpeg Camera Settings
Fixing Camera Files
Saving Digital Photo Files
How many memory cards do you need?
Depth of Field for Digital SLRs  
Hyperfocal Distance Chart for Digital SLRs
       Field of View (FOV) Crop in Digital SLRs
       Infrared Photography with the Canon 20D and 10D
     Canon 20D Color Infrared Photography
     Portraits: Switching from Film to Digital

Choosing Digital Software
AutoStitch - free panorma stitching software
     Image Editing Software
     Swiff Player a full screen Flash movie player
         and file viewer
Neat Image a digital noise filter that also
       works on film grain
Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 and Adobe
Premiere Elements The best image
         editing software under $100 just got better
Imagematics Software create flash (swf) files
         for the web or live digital shows

Using Digital Imaging Software
     Restoring Damaged Photos
Saving Faded Photographs
Digital Color Correction
Repairing Torn Photographs
Simple Face Changing
Special Effects with Layers
Removing Animals
Removing Backgrounds
Creating a Vignette
Fixing Camera Files
Optimizing Digital Camera Files
Combining Images
Planning Ahead: Combining Images 2
Magic Digital Eraser
     Color to Black and White with Channel Mixer

Digital Printing
Archival Printers
     Inkjet Paper-Printer Test
Epson 780 & 1280 Printers
More on the Epson 780
Epson 2200 Printer
Epson 2200 Ink Usage
Epson 2200 Ink Usage

Storing Digital Photos on CD-R Discs

Digital Dangers
Lost Files
10,000 Photos - Avoiding Digital Glut

Created June 25, 2000
Updated April 13, 2011

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