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Saving Faded Photos




If you have photos that are faded, there is still hope.

Roger's mother brought me the faded photo on the left. This was a simple restoration project. I scanned the print with a flatbed scanner to get it onto the computer. I adjusted the tones in the photo using HUE/SATURATION. SATURATION was increased to compensate for the overall lightness of tone.  A change in HUE corrected the face and background but left the tux a little off color. The tux was then selected using the MAGIC WAND tool and it was then corrected using HUE/SATURATION.  The edges were corrected using a combination of the DODGE/BURN tool and the CLONE tool. The overall image was sharpened just a little with UNSHARP MASK.

The whole procedure was fairly simple to do with Photoshop 4.0 LE, a digital imaging program which came bundled with my inkjet printer. A number of simple imaging programs in the under $100 range could do the same restoration process.

June 25, 2000

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