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Incident Light Meters
Jim Doty, Jr.

Digital Incident Light Meter. Photo copyright Jim Doty Jr.

Digital Incident Light Meter

In many photo situations, incident light meters are faster, simpler to use, and more accurate than the reflected light meters that come inside most cameras. The reason is exposure compensation. When using a camera meter, any subject that is lighter or darker than a medium tone (see this article) requires some exposure compensation. If a complicated scene has a lot of different tonalities, choices need to be made about which tone to meter.

An incident light meter changes all of that. Most subjects require no exposure compensation with an incident light meter, and complicated scenes become quite simple to meter. An incident light goes a long ways toward speeding up and simplifying the exposure process.

You can learn a lot more about using incident light meters in this article.


Analog Incident Light Meter. Photo copyright Jim Doty Jr.

Analog Incident Light Meter


December 24, 2010

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