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Photo Accessories To
Improve Your Photography
Jim Doty, Jr.


Camera on a pannign calmp and nodal slide for panoramic use. Photo copyright Jim Doty Jr.
Camera Mounted on a Nodal Slide and Panning Clamp


Photographers tend to acquire lots of gadgets, some of which end up being very helpful and some end up gathering dust on a shelf or lost in some old camera bag. Not all accessories are created equal.

The accessories linked below can make a big difference in your photography. Some make difficult tasks a lot simpler. Other accessories make photos possible that would otherwise be impossible.

Other than a camera and lens, a good tripod is one of the two most important pieces of equipment you can own. Read Choosing the Best Tripods and Tripod Heads.

Some cold dark night with numb fingers, problem in sleet or snow, you will be trying to thread the tripod head screw into the bottom or your camera - mini-flashlight clinched in your teeth (if you remembered it). Things won't go well and you will be tempted to mutter things under your breath. What you need is a first class quick release system that will make things much simpler and faster. Otherwise, you might miss your shot while fumbling in the cold.

If you go with an Arca-Swiss quick release system, like the one linked to in the paragraph above, you are only two, simple, easy-to-carry pieces of equipment away from panorama heaven.

If you occasionally end up with some photos with crooked horizons, straighten up your world with a double bubble level.

A great accessory for making light metering faster, simpler, and more accurate is an incident light meter.

Turn your camera into an incident light meter with an ExpoDisc.

Incident Light Metering on the cheap, using a gray card.

December 3, 2010
Updated Feb 17, 2011

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