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Kodak E100G and E100GX Slide Films
by Jim Doty, Jr.

Kodak has updated its line of E-family professional slide films with the addition of E100G and E100GX slide films. Discontinued are E100S and E100SW.

Designed to be finer grained than the films they replaced, this is an attempt by Kodak to compete with Fuji's Provia 100F, which up to now has been the fine grain king of color slide films.

Kodak E100G replaces E100S, and E100GX replaces E100SW. E100GX has a warmer color balance then E100G. If you photograph people you will want to try E100G. If your primary interest is nature and landscape photography, you should try E100GX.

For the ultimate in color saturation, Kodak E100VS remains in Kodak's E series lineup. E100VS and Fuji Velvia remain my two favorite films for nature and landscape photography. I am anxious to try E100GX to see how it compares to these older films.

Pushable E200 remains in the E-family of of profesional color slide films. It is still my favorite pushable film when I need to use slides in low light situations. If you don't understand "pushing films" read my Color Film article.

Time and experience will tell how good these new films compare to other popular slide films.

The following Kodak table compares the basic characteristics of the four E-family films:

January 17, 2003

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