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"Jim's class proved incredibly helpful, covering many specific techniques employed by professional photographers that weren't in any of the dozens of books I owned. Jim's class helped me to develop technically, and the results were instantly apparent."  - Jeremy

"Your classes made the business of photography understandable and exciting. In my case, the way you simplified the creation of images that impact the viewer, has made my efforts rewarding spiritually and financially." -  Bob L

"It's clear how passionate you are about photography. You get the class excited too. You give great amounts of info, all useful. Thanks for everything!"  - Wendy

"Great enthusiasm, attitude, knowledge, supportive. Great information."  - Clare

"Jim is very organized and the most informative instructor I've had."  - Pam

"Wonderful class. Presentation informative with high energy and enthusiasm. Well worth the money and time."  - David

"Outstanding class! Really enjoyed it."  - Sarge

"One of the most enjoyable classes that I've taken. Excellent, in-depth enthusiastic teaching! Organization, handouts, etc. much better than most classes. Demonstration - teaching slides were outstanding!" -  Bob B

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Fireworks, Iowa

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Schedule Workshops, Seminars, Classes,
Field Trips, and Individual Instruction

Jim is available to lead photography workshops, field trips, and to do individual coaching. He has 18 years experience teaching photography, including 7 years on the faculty of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in Michigan. He is on the faculty for Ohio State University's Stone Laboratory summer photography workshops and he was on the Winter Term faculty at Graceland University in January 2012.

If you can get 10 or more people together who are ready for a big leap forward in their photography, contact Jim for details on setting up an event.

Jim is a published freelance photographer with extensive experience in landscape, event, portrait, and commercial photography. Jim wrote and provided all of the photos for Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies. Jim has the ideal combination of practical photo experience and extensive teaching experience to provide an inspiring and informative experience for you or your photo group.

By choosing from a number of possible topics and the depth with which each topic is covered, Jim can present a seminar (1 to 3 hours), or a day long or weekend workshop, or a series of classes from a few sessions to a full semester.

Jim also leads photography field trips and incorporates them in his classes and workshops whenever possible.

All workshops, classes, seminars, and field trips will be designed to match your group's interests and needs. Choose from topics like these:

  • Working With The Fabulous World of Light - Matching Your Subject to the Light
  • Seeing Like Your Camera Sees (And Not Like Your Eyes)
  • Speaking Your Camera's Language to Make It Do It's Tricks
  • Metering - The First Big Step Toward Great Images
  • It's Still About The Lenses (No Offense Intended Toward Your Camera)
  • The Magic of Depth of Field - The Doorway to Eye Catching Images
  • It's All About Time - Creating Images That Your Eyes Can't See
  • I Know It's The Sun, But It's Still A Tiny Light Source (What to Do About It and Why It Matters)
  • A Little Portable Sunlight - Using Flash Indoors and Out
  • If You Can See It, You Can Shoot It (and Sometimes Even When You Can't)
  • Boldly Going Where Few Photographers Have Gone Before (Cue the Star Trek Music)
  • Creating Portraits People Love
  • Putting the Grandeur in Your Grand Landscapes
  • Capturing the Intimate Landscape
  • Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! - Where the Wild Things Are
  • Creating Beautiful Flower Images
  • Honing All of Your Skills with Event Photography
  • The Challenging Arena of Sports Photography
  • The Fascinating World of the Small, the Tiny, and the Ultra Itty Bitty
  • Simplifying Tricky Situations - It's Only Hard Until You Know How
  • Learn the Secrets of the Pros - They aren't really secrets, but most photographers don't know them.

For more information on booking Jim for a class, workshop, field trip, or series of classes, send an e-mail.

One-On-One Photo Mentoring

One-on-one photo mentoring is the fastest way to learn photography. More information here.

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For more information regarding a workshop, classes, seminars,
field trips, or individual instruction, send an

February 1, 2011
Updated Dec 3, 2012

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