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Workshops and Classes

Graceland University Photography Class

Photography Class Field Trip, Graceland University


Jim Doty gives the most warm, intense, wonderful photographic digital workshop. He is truly a gift to those who choose to attend.  - Win M

I really had no idea how much you could manipulate a camera to get such great images without using Photoshop.  I found it amazing!  - Melissa D

I was so impressed by how many "trade secrets" he freely shared. I couldn't learn as much as I did in this workshop on my own, if I worked hard for years. - Besma A

Amazing Workshop - Don't miss the next one. - Bob W

Thank you so much for teaching us so much with such enthusiasm. - Pat D

I had NO IDEA my camera was capable of so much. - Vickie R

Great Workshop! I can use your material to quickly become a better photographer. - Jim T

Amazing Workshop - Don't miss the next one. - Bob W

Jim Doty's workshop is excellent. Very down to earth and not so technical to the point of being intimidating. - Steve S

The amount and quality of information was more than I had hoped for. - Alan M

Jim's workshop showed me the way to put my DSLR's features to use and the advantages of knowing why and how they function. Easy to follow and understand - Gene S

Hi Jim - I can't wait to get to get out into the field and put what I learned into practice. As you say, Happy Shooting!  - Becky W

Jim's class proved incredibly helpful, covering many specific techniques employed by professional photographers that weren't in any of the dozens of books I owned. Jim's class helped me to develop technically, and the results were instantly apparent. -  Jeremy B

Your classes made the business of photography understandable and exciting. In my case, the way you simplified the creation of images that impact the viewer, has made my efforts rewarding spiritually and financially. -  Bob L

It's clear how passionate you are about photography. You get the class excited too. You give great amounts of info, all useful. Thanks for everything! -  Wendy

Great enthusiasm, attitude, knowledge, supportive. Great information.  - Clare

Jim is very organized and the most informative instructor I've had.  - Pam D

Wonderful class. Presentation informative with high energy and enthusiasm. Well worth the money and time.  - David

Outstanding class! Really enjoyed it.  - Sarge

One of the most enjoyable classes that I've taken. Excellent, in-depth enthusiastic teaching! -  Bob B

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OSU Stone Lab photography workshop

Field Trip, OSU's Stone Lab Photography Workshop

Jim's Teaching and Photography Background

Jim Doty, Jr. has the ideal combination of practical photography experience and teaching skills to provide an inspiring workshop experience that will improve your photography.

Jim has been teaching photography at the adult and college level since 1995. He currently teaches photography at The Ohio State University and he has taught at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in Michigan and Graceland University in Iowa. During his workshops, seminars, classes, and field trips he has worked with hundreds of photographers at all skill levels. Jim also does "Shoot with a Pro", one-on-one photo sessions.

Jim's images can be found in magazines, books, newspapers, calendars, tourist brochures, corporate reports, and on web sites for corporations and not-for-profit organizations.

Jim's nature, portrait, event, and commercial work has been published by the National Wildlife Federation, Black & White Magazine, The Ohio State University, Ohio Sea Grant, Stone Laboratory, Ohio Woodland Stewards Program, Graceland University, UNCF (United Negro College Fund), Crowne Plaza Hotels, Staybridge Suites, Holiday Inn Hotels, Best Western Hotels, Hunt's Guide to the Upper Peninsula, Heartland Tours and Travel, Midwest Photo Exchange, Wiley Publishing, Inc., The MichMatist, Yukon Review, Magic 106.3, The Herald, Community of Christ, Presbyterian Church (PCUSA),  Kirtland Temple Historic Site, KOA Campgrounds, Terrapin World Imports, and dozens of businesses too numerous to list here.

Jim is the author of Digital Photography Exposure for Dummiesone of the highest rated photography books at More information is here.

To schedule a teaching event with Jim for your photo club, group, or school, go here.


February 12, 2011
Updated August 7, 2016

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