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PHOTOGRAPHY SITES: This is my primary photography website. Items are posted here on a more permanent basis. If you came to this page from an external link, you are now at my primary website. Major site categories are linked at the left. My new photo blog. This blog is mostly about photography with recent photo news, short term items and some featured photos. Long posts at this blog are divided into pages.  Both sites pull many of their photos from my ImageEvent albums (see below) so if the photos are temporarily missing from either blog, ImageEvent is having problems with their servers. My "short term" photo albums. I post photo albums here on a non-permanent basis. As newer albums are posted at the top of the page, older albums and/or photos disappear from the bottom of the page. Some albums are posted for only a few months. Others last a year or more. Some of the photos in these albums are used in my blogs. You can learn more about ImageEvent in my article  here.

May 11, 2004
Updated April 22, 2008

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