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Image Event Albums

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I use ImageEvent to post photos in albums on a short term basis.

When I am at an activity and want to post a bunch of photos for people to look at without putting them here, I post them at ImageEvent. These come and go on a periodic basis

I also post images, both my own and from other sources, at ImageEvent that I link to from my blogs. One of the significant advantages of ImageEvent is that you can link directly to individual photos and not just to albums. You can't link to individual photos at most photo sharing sites since the individual photos have relative rather than fixed addresses.

ImageEvent is reasonably priced at $24.95 per year as of February 2004. You can post up to 1,500 images at this rate. You can post more than 1,500 images for an additional fee.

Go to my ImageEvent albums

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 Feb 5, 2004
Updated May 11, 2004

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