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Yahoo Album

Although it works well and is free, I no longer post to Yahoo Album for the reasons explained below.  It may be just what you want, however. I left a few photos there so you can see what it looks like and how it works.  I now post albums at

I used to use Yahoo Album to share photos with friends. It is free, it works well, and it is a simple way to share photos. Albums appear as folders. Inside each folder are thumbnails. click on a thumbnail to see a larger version of a photo, or click Slideshow. It works well.

If you are looking for a quick, simple, and free way to post photos on the internet, I recommend it.

However, it does not work for something I have been doing lately. I link to individual photos from my blogs, and this does not work with Yahoo Album. Yahoo gives the large version of each photo a reference name that changes. You can link to a specific folder from another website, but not to a specific photo.

In order to be able to link to individual photos, I switched to ImageEvent which is quick and simple, but in several ways better than Yahoo Album. You can post a lot more photos at ImageEvent (1,500), and you have a lot more display options. It also costs $24.95 per year (as of early 2004).

Both work well, ImageEvent just does a lot more but for a price. You can compare both and see which meets your needs.

Go to either set of albums to see some more of my photos.

Go to My Yahoo Photo Album

Go to my ImageEvent albums

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August 2, 2003
Updated August 3, 2004

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