Photography by Jim Doty

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Lightning over Yukon Oklahoma

"Streets of Gold"
Yukon OK

Fireworks, Yukon Oklahoma

Lightning Over Yukon

Streets of Gold, Yukon Oklahoma

"The Spirit of the 4th"
Fireworks Over
Yukon Oklahoma

"The Mother Road"

All of the above photos were taken from the intersection of Briarwood and US 66, the "Mother Road" in Yukon, Oklahoma. For 10 years, I lived four blocks from where these photos were taken. When I was home and the light looked interesting, I would grab my camera and tripod and head for this intersection.

Lightning over Yukon

Taking photos of lightning at night is very easy to do. Put your camera on a tripod or bean bag, set the shutter on bulb, open the shutter with a cable release and leave it open until lightning stirkes.

Photographing lightning during the daytime is a more difficult matter. You have to be very quick on the shutter release the moment you see the first pulse. If you are fortunate (and quick enough) the second pulse will be more dramatic than the first and you will capture it on film.

It was late dusk when the top photo was taken, and darker to the eye than the photo would indicate. The street lights, and the sign on the will had come on. The shutter speed was long as indicated by the long light trails from the moving cars, and the traffic lights in the distance (too small to see in this photo, have cycled all the way through yellow, red and blue. I am guessing the shutter was open for 30 seconds or longer. You can't see it in this small internet reproduction but a large print reveals lots of little feeder bolts coming down in addition to the large forked double bolt.

"Streets of Gold"

My family and I were eating at Braum's on the corner of Briarwood and US 66. It had been raining. As we ate the sun broke out of the clouds and turned the streets into liquid gold. I rushed outside and took the middle photo from near the Braum's parking lot. If you are in Yukon, stop at Braum's and have a sandwich or ice cream cone.

"The Spirit of the 4th"

They don't shoot fireworks over Main Street in Yukon, so I created this image by combining a photo of Main Street with a photo from the annual fireworks display. I was working on a series of "photographic illustrations" to capture the Spirit of the 4th of July. The fireworks over Yukon image was published in color on the front page of the Yukon Review, July 4, 1990.

A larger version of the top two photos

Yukon Oklahoma prints can be purchased

UPDATE: "Light Up the Sign"  From now through August 31, I will be donating 20% of all sales of my Yukon prints to the "Light Up The Sign" project. The sign was fully lit when I took the lightning photo above. Help restore the sign!  My Yukon prints can be ordered here.

June 26, 2000
Updated March 29, 2012

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