Photography by Jim Doty

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Pink Lady Slipper Orchid, Bishop's Bog, Portage, Michigan

Pink Lady's Slipper Orchid

Bishop's Bog as like a piece of the wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but it is conveniently located in the middle of the city of Portage in southwest Michigan. With Pitcher Plants, Sundew, Pink Lady's Slipper Orchids, Blueberries, the orange variety of the Yellow Fringed Orchid, and Tamarack trees - it is a great spot to do nature photography or go for a pleasant walk. On the day I took this photo (in late May) there were over 200 orchids in bloom.

DIRECTIONS:    From the intersection of Westnedge and Center Road in the middle of Portage, go south one mile on Westnedge. There will be ball diamonds to your right. Turn right on the road that goes along the south side of the ball diamonds. There is a brown sign at the intersection that says BISHOP'S BOG. Drive past the first two ball diamonds and stop at the parking lot. A sign and map is across the street from the ball diamond at the beginning of the trail to the bog. You will head south on an asphalt trail until you reach the green plastic decking tail that goes through a marsh and then woods and finally through the bog.  It is about 1/2 mile from the parking lot to the best part of the bog. There are turnouts on the decking trail every 200 feet and a bench every 1000 feet.

Created Sept 2, 2001
Updated April 16, 2009

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