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The Lodge at Camp Denali

One of the reasons to go to Camp Denali is the Special Emphasis Sessions. Throughout the summer, special guests come in with expertise in some natural field. We chose the week that George Lepp, a nationally famous nature photographer, was at Camp Denali.

In addition to all of the regular activities that go on (see the previous page) 16 of us spent 3 days with George Lepp doing photography in Denali National Park. We had our own Camp Denali bus to go up and down the park road looking for whatever suited our photographic interests.  There was no extra charge for this "in the field" photography workshop with Lepp. His reputation for expertise and helpfulness is well deserved.

Most of the Denali National Park photos at this site were either taken at Camp Denali, or on the bus excursions with Lepp.

While Bob (my brother-in-law and photo buddy) and I spent time in the park with Lepp and the other photographers, our wives availed themselves of the other camp activities.

In the evenings, Lepp and other special guests did presentations at the Lodge for the whole camp.

Our cabin at night.  It sleeps four.  The double bed is in the far corner and the bunk beds are behind the door to the right. The sink and propane hot plate are in the corner behind the camera.  Taken with a semi-fisheye lens.

Camp Denali is truly an international place. Both guests and staff come from all over the world. Introductions took place at meals.  We had staff and guests from Australia, Japan, Europe and all over the United States.

Some of the staff were university folks who like to spend the summer at Camp Denali and use their expertise as one of the naturalist guides for the day excursions. At the evening meals we would share what happened with each of our groups during the day.

The bus ride in to Camp Denali was Monday afternoon and  evening.  The bus ride out to the park entrance was on Friday morning. You can also go to Camp Denali on a Friday through a Monday for an excursion that is one day shorter. If you prefer a room with electricity, heat, and a real bathroom, Camp Denali also runs North Face Lodge at the bottom of the hill.

Outhouse View

If you want to stay in the heart of Denali National Park, get close to nature, and hike around in taiga and tundra, Camp Denali is a great place to go. If you like photography, be sure and go during one of their photography Special Emphasis Sessions.

Sunset from our cabin porch,
Camp Denali, Alaska

For more information, go to the Camp Denali web site.  You can call Camp Denali at 907-683-2290, or write to them at:
   PO Box 67,
   Denali National Park, AK 99755
You can email them at

BIG versions of the Lodge and Cabin Interior photos.

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February 27, 2001
Updated May 21, 2001

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