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What the Professionals Say About
Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies


Tim Grey, Digital Photography Expert, Photographer

In his eNewsletter, Tim wrote:

    "As you know, I tend to focus most of my energy on helping photographers with their images after the capture. I do lead a variety of field photography workshops, but my focus tends to be more on what happens  after the picture is actually taken. When it comes to the actual capture, the most common questions I hear from photographers relate to exposure. I've recently discovered a book that helps photographers truly understand exposure, and that knowledge can dramatically improve the  quality of your digital photos. The book is Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies, authored by Jim Doty, Jr., and published by Wiley. This book provides you with everything a photographer needs to know in order to truly understand exposure and how it affects the original capture."

Tim Grey is the author of a dozen digital photography books, hundreds of magazine articles, and he does workshops all over the country. He is a highly respected digital authority.


Jennifer Blakeley, Professional Photographer

Jennifer Blakeley wrote the following:

    "Loved this book, and the author's easy to follow writing style. I am a professional photographer, and was given this book as a gift.  It is a great reference book, and an awesome tool for learning.  Photography doesn't have to be so difficult, and this book is a great manual to anyone looking to learn more about exposure basics . . . or even other professional photographers looking for a re-fresh course and a fresh perspective! Very useful, and easy to follow!"

Jennifer does beautiful portraits which you can see at Jennifer Blakeley Photography. She is also the talented the creator of Alphabet Photography.  One of her recent projects is the creation of the human alphabet in cooperation with Gymnastics Canada to support their trip to the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Jim Lehman, Photography Instructor, Photographer

    "As a photo teacher for over 30 years, I only wish this book had been  available earlier. In a heart beat I would have assigned this book as a  text for all of my photo classes from Basic Camera to Advanced. The concepts are well presented and easy to understand. The use of exposure  guides is well presented, especially the Black Cat Extended Range Exposure Guide. I highly recommend this book as an addition to photographers with any level of interest."

Jim Lehman is an experienced photography instructor and the creator of the Black Cat Exposure Guide. This review was posted at


Jim Hannah, Magazine Editor, Photographer

    "When I learned that Jim Doty had authored a text on "Digital Photography Exposure" I had great expectations, because in pre-retirement years I  had on several occasions selected his images for the cover of the international magazine I then edited. I was not disappointed, and have  been inspired by his text to ramp up my own photographic skills closer to the professional level he explains and illustrates so clearly. My only concern is that potential purchasers might have the impression that a "For Dummies" text is just for beginners; this is far from the case. I have long enjoyed photography both as part of my vocation, and as a  rewarding avocation. What I found was that Doty's book helped me understand how to better understand and control the dimensions of photography that distinguish mere snapshots from true artistic  expressions. This is done in a very engaging and readable manner, with personal stories and color photos that illustrate the principles and  practices, and even cartoons and call outs to break up the text and aid memory. Whether just beginning in photography, or seeking to move to the next level, I feel confident those who purchase this text will find it very helpful and engaging."

In addition to his career as an editor, Jim Hannah is also a published photographer. This review was posted at


February 12, 2011
Updated February 12, 2012

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