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Beginning Photographers Review
Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies


Jana Greer - Makes Understanding Exposure Easy for a Novice Like Me

The man at my local camera store told me that the green square on the  dial of my Canon Rebel was the dummy mode. Well, I've taken tons of pictures in the dummy mode and almost all of them come out fine. But I didn't like being thought of as a dummy.

So when I got a chance to get this book I jumped at it. I knew hardly anything about exposer, shutter speed or white balance before opening this book. Now a know a lot and I've been experimenting, I've even had my camera in manual mode. This book is easy to understand and it explains the concept of exposure so that even a novice like me can grasp it.


Craig - Great introduction

Not just for the advanced! Exposure is a scary word, but don't be intimidated. This book is a great introduction for people just starting to take more control of their digital cameras. These cameras have a ton of functionality that people don't take use. Clear explanations and examples are presented so you can learn quickly and take more advanced shots.

A worthy investment for the person who just dropped a couple hundred bucks on a digital camera. Even if you aren't an artist, your normal  "documentary" style shots will turn out better.


LKO - I finally know how to properly use my digital camera!

An absolute must read before using your digital camera! I loved the  book. It helped to explain how to properly use my camera & get the BEST pics. I hate reading directions especially the ones which came with my camera. This book actually makes it enjoyable to learn. The pictures used throughout the book are a plus and the text is easily  understandable. Thank you! An added bonus are the amazing scenic pictures. Since Christmas is coming, I bought two extra books as gifts.  It's perfect for the avid photographer and even the Mom who occasionally takes pictures and would like them to be great!


Island Dreamer - Will Teach You How to Get the Perfect Exposure

Getting the right exposure can be complicated once you take your camera  off automatic. Understanding exposure can be daunting for the newbie. I  know it was for me, but this book made it all so clear.

I have a Canon 30D DSLR which I bought used and I've been liking it a lot. I use all of the modes from Portrait to Landscape, but I decided I wanted to take my photography to the next level and this book really helped out in that regard.

This book doesn't really treat you like a dummy and like all the Dummy books this one is laid out in such a way that an absolute beginner or someone who's well along in her photography will get the maximum benefit from it.


Sarah (an email from a new photographer in Ireland)

Hello Jim,

I just want to say I just got your book. This is my first book on  photography. In fact, I just got my camera at Christmas and was looking  online for a good book. I scrolled through loads before your one caught my eye. I've liked several "For Dummies" books in the past, so I knew I'd enjoy this one.

Starting chapter 3 now. So far so good. Great actually. Very informative, especially the small print under each photograph. That is very handy. Anyways just want to say thanks. I am pretty clueless when it comes to cameras so I'm counting on you! Haha :)



March 14, 2011

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