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Getting Close to the Ground
with a Bogen Super Clamp


If you have a tripod with metal legs and need a way to get your camera close to the ground, you can clamp a Bogen Super Clamp to the bottom of your tripod leg (or anything else the clamp will fit around).  You will also need a Reversible Short Stud (3/8 on one end and 1/4 on the other) to go into the Super Clamp in the slot indicated above by the red arrow.  Tighten up the set screw to hold the stud tightly in place. You can now screw your tripod head or ball head down onto the threads of the Reversible Short Stud and flush against the surface of the Super Clamp. You are ready to go.

When you don't need to get close to the ground, this set up is still good for clamping to ladders, posts, fences and other objects for times when it is more convenient than a tripod.


Bogen Reversible
 Short Stud.


In his online catalog, Leonard Lee Rue sells the Bogen Super Clamp with the Reversible Short Stud (instead of the longer stud that usually comes with the Super clamp). It is Rue's product number E 130 for $29.95 (as of 6-14-00).

Added June 14, 2000

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