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Photodo Lens Tests

Photodo does MTF (modulation transfer function) testing of lenses with Hasselblad equipment. The highest possible rating is 5.0 with the highest tested lens to date coming in at 4.8. The links on this page will take you to summaries of Photodo test results at this site. These results are reproduced here by special permission of Photodo.   For complete test results and more information, go to the site.

As a general guide, lenses with a grade of 3.8 or above are exceptionally sharp. Lenses with a grade of 2.8 to 3.7 are good to very good.

I have been asked why I have results for some lenses that are not currently on the Photodo website. This is data I saved from the Photodo website when they had test results for some lenses that are no longer posted after the revision of their site. 

Canon lens tests
Contax lens tests
Minolta lens tests
Nikon lens tests
Olympus lens tests
Pentax lens tests
Sigma lens tests
Tamron lens tests
Tokina lens tests
Vivitar lens tests

Created Aug 29, 2001
Updated December 14, 2004

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