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More of my favorite nature photography books are listed here.

To learn more about a book or to buy it, click on its cover and a link will take you to that book at Amazon.com.

The Sierra Club Guide to 35 MM LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY by Tim Fitzharris is another excellent introduction to landscape photography. For the experienced photographer who is serious about landscape photography, I recommend John Fielder's book on the previous page. For the less experienced photographer, either this book or John Shaw's landscape book would be a good way to get started.

As an avid reader of Galen Rowell's work in OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER magazine, it is nice to have many of his best columns and photographs collected in one place. With more of an emphasis on the whys and wherefores of photography, rather than the technical hows, GALEN ROWELL'S VISION and THE INNER GAME OF OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY will inspire you if you like Rowell's approach to things. Be sure and check out his stunning book, MOUNTAIN LIGHT, recommended on the previous page.

Arthur Morris is certainly one of the best know, and one of the best bird photographers in the world. If you would like a simple and inexpensive introduction to bird photography, and are new to bird photography, get his small book (56 pages) BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY PURE AND SIMPLE.

THE ART OF BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY is the big book on the subject by Arthur Morris, one of the world's premier bird photographers.  If you are really serious about bird photography, this is the book to get. If you aren't sure if bird photography is your thing but want to find out, get his small  book above.

Larry West is one of the unsung heroes of nature photography. Larry is where John Shaw, Rod Planck, and other photographers coming from Michigan got their start. All of his books are excellent (and some are getting hard to come by so grab your soon). HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH BIRDS is half way in between Morris' two books in information and experience level. It is a good back to read and try out in the field before moving on to Morris' big book.

Stackpole Books went out of their way to find excellent photographers for their HOW TO series of books. These two books by Larry West (see comments above on his bird book) are two of the best available on their respective topics.  HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH INSECTS AND SPIDERS and HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS will help you capture these small and sometimes elusive subjects on film. As a supplement to both of these books, I recommend you read John Shaw's CLOSEUPS IN NATURE which is covered on the previous page.

Leonard Lee Rue, a columnist for OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER magazine, is one of the world's most published wildlife photographers.  If you want to photograph wildlife, one of the best places to start is by reading the book HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH ANIMALS IN THE WILD which Rue co-authored with his son.

Heather Angel is a first class nature photographer with a number of books to her credit. Her book HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH FLOWERS is a good introduction to this popular field of photography.

THE FIELD GUIDE TO PHOTOGRAPHING FLOWERS by Allen Rokach and Anne Millman is another good introduction to flower photography. I do not have a preference between this book and Angel's (above). Either will get you started down the road to better flower photography.

Another good book by Rokach and Millman. THE FIELD GUIDE TO PHOTOGRAPHING LANDSCAPES has some fine photos and good suggestions.

Wu is an excellent nature photographer, but he is most famous for his stunning underwater photography. If you want to know more about this very challenging field, read Wu's HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH UNDERWATER.

If you want to sell your nature photographs, you need to read SELLING NATURE PHOTOGRAPHS by Norbert Wu. You will also want John Shaw's book, below.

If you want to sell your nature photography pictures, there are three books you should own. One of them is John Shaw's BUSINESS OF NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY. You also should have Wu's book (above) and PHOTOGRAPHERS MARKET (below).

The third book you will want to have is the current version of PHOTOGRAPHER'S MARKET. This book is a comprehensive listing of all of the publisher's that pay for the use of photographs in their publications.

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Created October 31, 2001

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