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Digitally Retouched Images

The photos you see in first class magazines are digitally retouched. Children, teens, men, and women are all retouched so they look their very best.

You deserve that too!  I retouch every portrait in a way that suits your particular preferences from a basic retouch to an enhanced retouch. Some examples are below. We can discuss retouching options when you come to my studio to see my work.

I take the time to do this right. Some photographers take shortcuts and you end up with "plastic", unnatural looking skin that is obvious to everyone. With a first class retouching job you can see the original skin texture but it has been carefully softened and smoothed.

The real test of a retouching job is to look at some large prints. Online images don't tell the whole story. You should look at some 11 x 14 and larger prints before you choose a photographer.

A "before and after" closeup of an enhanced retouch with a link to a 6 minute video of the retouching process is on this page.

Mouse over these images to see the unretouched photos.

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December 21, 2011
Updated April 10, 2013

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